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Showcase your treasured items with 3D Shadow Box Framing

Displaying and preserving an item to showcase its beauty, sentimentality or to protect a highly valued item, can be achieved with professional 3D Shadow Box Framing by Caloundra Framing on the Sunshine Coast.

3D Shadow Box Framing is the perfect way to protect a treasured item behind speciality glass as it can prevent damage caused by:

• Light
• Handling
• Insects
• Pets
• Accidents
• Deterioration
• Age

3D Shadow Box Framing is where an item is professionally mounted behind a specialised glass pane in a 3 dimensional frame of your choice.

Caloundra Framing can expertly create 3D frames to display all manner of items and keepsakes including:

• Jewellery
• Masks
• Pressed flowers
• Bouquets
• Wedding keepsakes
• Babies first shoes
• Babies first toys
• Mouldings of children’s hands and feet
• Clothing
• Medals
• Awards
• Sports memorabilia
• Artwork
• Carvings

The choice on what to frame with 3D Shadow Box Framing is endless and if it is able to be 3D framed, Caloundra Framing are the framers of choice!

At Caloundra Framing, we have a profound understanding of the importance and value of people’s most treasured items and we always ensure an expert job to achieve the best possible result.

We also offer an optional free after care service where we can do an assessment every 5 years to ensure the integrity of the 3D Shadow Box Frame and advise you if any repairs are necessary.

Don’t delay in showcasing your treasured items and preserving them for future enjoyment. Call Caloundra Framing on the Sunshine Coast today on 07 5492 7577 to discuss what we can preserve and protect for you with our professional 3D Shadow Box Framing.