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How to Find the Perfect Frame for Your Photos and Pictures

How to Find the Perfect Frame for Your Photos | Framing Sunshine Coast | Caloundra Framing Factory

A frame is more than a protective case for your photo or image, it can transform your image. The right frame should enhance your picture and bring out the colours. With so many to choose from how do you know which one will look best?

Frames should complement both your home décor and the image they are housing. Don’t match the most prominent colour in the image to your frame, find a colour in the image that you want to stand out and choose that colour, the results will be breathtaking.

Consider the bigger picture. By that we mean that if you are hanging a picture with others you might want to consider some uniformity with your frame choices. This will tie your images together and make your display a little more cohesive.

There are numerous picture framing colours and materials available, all can give your image a very different look and feel.

Timber frames

A timber frame has a traditional appeal, it offers a warm and classic feel. Deeper wood tones such as mahogany can add to a more rustic look, where as a lighter colour timber frame can project a more modern feel.

Black frames

Black frames can be elegant and modern; they are great for black and white photos and more candid shots. Black is a solid colour and will make a statement, as part of a gallery it can tie a group of images together keeping that elegant gallery wall feel.

White frames

White is known for being a calming colour. If you have a darker image, the contrast will enhance the image. Again, a white frame is modern and works with most decors, artworks and images.

Metallic Frames

A metallic frame gives a trendy and modern feel. Not a fan of the stark black frame? Does the white frame get lost in your décor? A metallic frame might be just the answer.

Not sure? We are

Still not sure what picture frame to choose? Don’t worry, come and see the team at Caloundra Framing on the Sunshine Coast. Our custom framing and picture framing service will help choose the best frame to suit your space, image and décor. We believe if a picture is worth framing, it’s worth framing properley.