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Caloundra Framing would love to share all the tips and tricks they have picked up over the years. Make sure you check out our blogs if you are considering dusting off your treasures and having them custom framed.

Nov, 13, 2016

How to preserve your precious medals

If you or a family member have received a medal for years of active service or a sporting achievement, you may not be aware there is a way to preserve them. Medal framing and medal mounting can preserve these well earnt medals, awarded from a significant time in one’s life, for many years so they can be dutifully passed on

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Oct, 13, 2016

Why Humans Love Art

Humans are extremely complex creatures. Not only is the human body incredible in itself but our brains are truly extraordinary. Although the human brain is responsible for sending messages to make our bodies walk, talk, eat, sleep and the like, it is also responsible for our appreciation for art. Two people could look at the same piece of art and

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Oct, 13, 2016