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What are the benefits of framing your canvas?

What are the benefits of framing your canvas | Framing Sunshine Coast | Caloundra Framing Factory

Whether or not to frame your canvas is all down to personal preference, however there are some attributes and features that might assist you in making your choice.

Let’s take a look at the reasons that you might want to frame your canvas, or not.

The advantages of custom framing

  • Custom framing, when done properly can have a stunning effect that enhances the artwork.
  • Frames have a very traditional look and feel to them. By putting an image in a frame you can add a very different dimension to it.
  • Whilst your picture or art can be very different, a frame can bring them together and uniform the décor. You can frame different size pieces of work but keep the frames the same size for some flow and consistency.
  • Frames themselves can be decorative and can enhance the picture, by adding a stark contract to the image itself it can make it stand out.
  • Frames can protect your artwork from dust, dirt and damage. Framing a canvas can preserve the work and gives you the ability to display the piece for longer in the best possible condition.
  • The texture of a canvas can sometimes take away from the image, by framing the work it can give it a beautiful finish.

Whilst framing canvas work has many benefits, let’s take a look at the possible disadvantages.

  • The glass on a frame can cause glare and detract from the image. (Anti Glare options are available.
  • A large frame can be heavy and expensive, whereas a canvas can be light and easily hung.
  • Some believe a frame can mask some of the detail in a canvas.

Custom framing that brings your canvas to life

Whilst we can list all the advantages and disadvantages of framing your artwork it all comes down to personal preference. When it comes to custom framing, if you want the very best results talk to Caloundra Framing 07 5492 7577 on the Sunshine Coast or come in and see for yourself.