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3 reasons to frame your medals

3 reasons to frame your medals | Framing Sunshine Coast | Caloundra Framing Factory

With each passing year we are left with less Australians that have fought in a war and experienced the true horrors and sacrifices that were made in the name of our country.

War, with all its loss and sacrifice brought about an era of camaraderie and a sense of overwhelming achievement; families and communities were shaken to their very core, and with the return of soldiers came a time of rebuilding.

Whilst many would sit on their grandparents’ knee and hear of the harrowing and heroic tales of war, in nowadays there are fewer people to retell the stories and to explain just how life changed for them, their families, their communities and their country.

A medal was presented as a symbol of thanks for their heroic actions and as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices that were made.

If you have medals, then come and meet Caloundra Framings Medal Master Sam on the Sunshine Coast. Our specialised medal framing and mounting service is ideal for:

Preserving your medal

Many medals are tossed into an old box or tin, never to see the light of day. This means that not only are they not enjoyed, it can lead to their deterioration. By framing your medals, you can not only proudly display them, but preserve them, all at the same time.


It is an honour to serve your country and displaying your medals in a medal frame means that you can proudly display your achievements. Why hide your sacrifice away in an old tin, after all you earned them? By displaying your medals, you are honouring the men and women that you fought alongside and those that were lost in combat.

A treasured legacy

By framing medals, you can pass down a treasured legacy to your family members who can proudly tell generation after generation about your heroic tales. Don’t let your honourable deeds die with you.

Medal framing that does your treasured achievements justice

Don’t leave your treasured medals to just anyone. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Medal Mounter and professional medal framer at Caloundra Framing, Samuel Budd has 15 years of experience in the presentation and display of military medals. Call 07 5492 7577.