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The 3 Key Principles of Picture Framing

The 3 Key Principles of Picture Framing | Framing Sunshine Coast | Caloundra Framing Factory

Firstly, there is an art to picture framing and picture hanging, but the most important thing is for you to enjoy the display. There’s no point in following the rules of picture framing if you don’t like the outcome.

Have fun with your picture framing and leave the worry and details to the professionals.

There are a few principles of picture framing that you might want to bear in mind if you’re planning on a little DIY picture framing.

  1. Framing for the future

When you take the time, money and effort to frame a picture you love, you want it to last. Preserving your image for a long-period of time means you will need to pick your materials carefully. If you have a matting, ensure you use only acid-free materials. Framing in our shop comes with a dust cover on the back and glass or acrylic on the front. By only using UV protected materials you can ensure that you minimise sun and light damage. All light fades not just the sun light.

  1. Colour

Colour can play a huge part in the overall look of the frame. The right colour can enhance an image or wash it out. Different coloured frames can complement your décor or work against it. Talking to a professional to see what colours will work with your décor and image will make a big difference to the end result.

  1. Shape

The shape of your frame, or the shape of the formation of frames you have chosen can add an entirely different dimension to your image. When you talk to Caloundra Framing we take into account the image, the décor, the space and what you want to achieve. We work in consultation with you to achieve the best results.

Professional picture framers

Not sure where to start? Call Caloundra Framing on 07 5492 7577 or even better pop in and see us on the Sunshine Coast. Picture framing has never looked so good.