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3 Benefits of a Custom Framing

3 Benefits of a Custom Framing | Framing Sunshine Coast | Caloundra Framing Factory

Why would I need a framer when I could do it myself? I suppose when you look at it like this it’s true, you could do picture framing yourself, but would you get the same results?

Think of it in terms of this, you can paint your own home, but would the finish be as good as a professional painters, can you cut in as well? Do you know the tricks of the trade to get the best possible results? So, yes whilst you can picture frame yourself, can you do it as well? It’s highly unlikely.

So, what are 3 benefits to getting custom framing?

  1. Your custom framer at Caloundra Framing on the Sunshine Coast believes that if something is worth framing, it’s worth doing properly. With years of training and experience behind us, we can give you an understanding of the right colour, style and designs to use to complement your piece. Why not bring in a photo of your space and we can advise on what frame will look best.
  1. When you are framing something valuable, don’t settle for off-the-shelf. A frame that is bought in-store is usually made of cheap materials. Your custom framer will ensure your frame is made to the highest quality, the glass can be UV protected so your art is protected from sun or light damage and the frame will perfectly fit to the size of your art, instead of your art fitting to the size of your frame.
  1. When you are looking for a unique feature in your home, a custom frame can be a one-of-a-kind addition. Why settle for standard? Let your custom frame options only be as limited as your creativity. Get a custom frame that perfectly complements and fits your artwork, whilst also having the right creative and size fit.

Picture Perfect

When it comes to framing, the experts at Caloundra Framing on the Sunshine Coast abide by three key principles – quality, creativity, and expert workmanship. Call 07 5492 7577 for expert knowledge and advise on picture framing.